Giga Mall Extension

Giga Mall Extension has 30 floors. Giga Mall Extension is going to be the tallest building in Pakistan.

Lower Ground, Ground, 1st, and 2nd floor comprise of Mall Shops. The sizes of shops vary from 149 to 696 square feet.

Lower Ground Floor Rate/Square foot is from 69,379 to 83,254 rupees.

Ground Floor Rate/Square foot is from 69,379 to 83,254 rupees.

1st Floor Shop`s Rate/Square foot is from 65,727 to 73,614 rupees.

Second floor shop`s Rate/Square foot is from  62,087 to 71,387 rupees.

3rd Floor Shop`s Rate/square foot is from 58,424 to 67,188 rupees.

Fourth Floor Shops Rate/square foot is from 55,503 to 63,828 rupees.

5th Floor comprises of food courts. Rate/square foot is  69,379 rupees.

Sixth to ninth floor shops` rate/square foot is from 46,900 to 61,640 rupees.

10th & 11th floors are Play Area.

12th to 16th floor shop` rate/square foot is from 40,200 to 53,935 rupees.

Seventeenth floor has Premium Food Court shops. Rate/square foot is 65,000 rupees.

18, 19 & 20th floors comprise of restaurants. Rate/square foot is 63,650 rupees.

Twenty first floor comprises of hotel shops. Rate/square foot is from 56,950 to 65,493 rupees.

Pakistan`s Tallest Building

Giga Mall Extension 124-D Cinema

Ice Mall Cinema

Basement Parking

Premium Food Court


Skypark One Food Court

Play Area

Artistic Environment


24/7 CCTV Monitored Security

Giga Mall Extension Security

World`s Highest Mosque

Giga Mall Extension Mosque

Central Air Conditioning System

Standby Generator


Fire Fighting System

Scanner Doors

Information Desk

SPA & Sauna



Valet Parking

Giga Mall Extension

After Giga Mall’s success, the Giga Group has launched Giga Mall Extension. It will consist of 28 floors of shopping, recreation, entertainment, leisure, lifestyle, and work. A beautifully designed mosque will also be built right on top of the building with breathtaking views of the twin cities. It will have a state of the art cinema, kid’s play areas, grand atrium up to 23rd floor, connected with the help of escalators for easy access to all levels. The unprecedented structure will be connected with the D-Mall through Giga Mall, making a chain of buildings to shop, dine or relax. The Giga Extension project is sure to add a new apex to Islamabad’s ever-growing skyline.

On the 30th floor of Giga Mall Extension, a rooftop mosque is located with an amazing
blend of modern and traditional architecture that speaks to your aesthetics.

The Giga Extension houses a five-star hotel for your next luxurious stay at one of the city’s most sought-after locations.